The Catholic University of America

Admission Scholarships

All University Admission scholarships are awarded by the Office of Admissions. Only undergraduate students are eligible for consideration for Admission scholarships. Consideration for university scholarships is made during the admission application process. Late applications or applications from continuing students will not be considered. University scholarships are awarded based on prior academic performance and are not subject to future increases (except for the Archdiocesan Scholarship).

University scholarships can only be applied to tuition charges billed by The Catholic University of America during the academic year (i.e. during the fall and spring semesters) and are automatically renewed up to eight semesters or until you complete your current degree, whichever comes first. Transfer students' length of eligibility is prorated based on the number of credit hours accepted by their academic departments. University scholarships require that a student maintains continuous full-time enrollment status (a minimum of 12 credit hours) in a degree program and is registered by the end of the add/drop period (as published in the University Announcements and Schedule of Course Booklet) each semester. Students are responsible for adhering to all scholarship requirements. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined in the University Announcements and under the Policies and Procedure section of the Financial Assistance Web site.

Archdiocesan Scholarship

Each year upon acceptance, candidates are reviewed by a scholarship committee in order to identify recipients of the Archdiocesan Scholarship. These full-time, four-year scholarships are CUA's most prestigious awards. To be considered for the Archdiocesan, an applicant must meet minimum academic standards (set each year) in SAT or ACT scores, GPA and class ranking. Please contact the Office of Admission to determine the upcoming year's minimum requirements.

In addition to maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Archdiocesan Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a 3.20 cumulative grade point average at all times.

CUA Scholarship

Each year upon acceptance candidates to each of the six schools (Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Music, Engineering, Architecture and Philosophy) are reviewed by a scholarship committee in order to identify recipients of the CUA Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to students who have a proven academic profile as determined by their GPA and SAT (or ACT) scores, as well as the strength of their high school. This competitive program provides scholarships in various fixed dollar amounts. In the future, a portion or all of your CUA Scholarship may be funded through one of our donor-sponsored scholarship funds. Changes to the source of funding for your merit award may be made at any time during the year.

Parish Scholarship

First-year and transfer applicants who are parishioners of Catholic churches in the United States and Puerto Rico are eligible for consideration for this $3,000 scholarship, renewable for up to four years. Receipt of this scholarship is not automatic and only one Parish Scholarship will be awarded per student.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure the Parish Scholarship information is completed as part of the admission application process. Applicants seeking consideration are required to complete the Parish Scholarship information section included on the Common Application. The required information must be submitted with the application and students cannot request consideration at a later date. No adjustments to scholarship awards will be made after admission and scholarship decisions have been rendered. The Parish Scholarship application is available on the Office of Admission's Scholarship page.

Legacy Scholarship

Beginning with the Fall 2017 enrollment term, first-year and transfer students who have a parent, grandparent, or sibling who graduated from Catholic University (undergraduate, graduate, law) are eligible for the Legacy Grant, which is a $1,000 grant renewable for up to four years.

No separate application is required. All first-year and transfer students who are offered admission and meet the above criteria will automatically receive this grant.