The Catholic University of America

Financial Aid Forms



Verification Forms

  Verification Worksheet (Dependent)
  Verification Worksheet (Independent)
  Household Resources Clarification Worksheet
  Household Size Worksheet (Dependent)
  Household Size Worksheet (Independent)
  Asset Information Clarification Worksheet (attach to Verification Worksheet)
  Rental Property Valuation Worksheet    (attach to Verification Worksheet)
  Dependency Status Worksheet
  Verification of Identity and Educational Purpose

Direct Loan Forms

  2014/2015  2015/2016

  Federal Direct Graduate-PLUS               Loan Application and Instructions

    Federal Direct Parent-PLUS                       Loan Application and Instructions

Undergraduate Federal Direct Loan Reduction Request
  Graduate Federal Direct Loan        Reduction Request

Undergraduate Federal Direct Loan Increase Request
  Graduate Federal Direct Loan            Increase Request

Federal Direct Loan Parent PLUS Denial

Miscellaneous Forms

2014/2015 2015/2016  
Multi-Year Form Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Application
Appeal of Extraordinary Circumstance
N/A CSS PROFILE Noncustodial Parent Waiver Petition
Multi-Year Form Notice of Additional Resources
CUA Family (Sibling) Grant Application
Summer 2016 Summer Financial Aid Application

Nurse Faculty Loan Application and Instructions

Multi-Year Form Treatment of Title IV Worksheet (R2T4)
Computer Purchase Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request


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