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Applying for Aid

There are numerous sources of aid at the private, locate, state, or federal level of government. Newly admitted traditional freshman and transfer students, who are applying for institutional, need-based aid, will be required to complete the CSS PROFILE along with the FAFSA.

Graduate students, continuing undergraduate students, and students enrolled in the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies do not need to complete a CSS PROFILE.

You must apply annually for financial aid from federal, institutional (CUA Need-Based Grant) and most state and D.C. programs. As soon as possible after October 1 each year, complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at the U.S. Department of Education's FAFSA Web site, (If you prefer to complete a paper FAFSA, you can request one by calling 1-800-4FED-AID.) List The Catholic University of America's Federal Title IV School Code (001437) in Step Six of the FAFSA so that the federal processor can transmit your FAFSA results electronically to Catholic University.

If you have not previously done so, it is mandatory that you create a FSA ID at If you are a dependent student, one of your parents will also need to create a FSA ID in order to submit the FAFSA. Beyond using it to complete the FAFSA, the FSA ID can be used to make any needed FAFSA corrections and to monitor your status with federal aid programs.

Important: Students selected for verification, either by the Department of Education (DOE) or by Catholic University (CUA) will not be packaged until we receive all requested required documentation and have completed the verification review process. Based on the time of year, the verification review process can take up to 20 business days from the time the Office of Student Financial Assistance receives all requested required documents. The process can take longer if additional nonstandard documentation is required. Individuals who have filed extensions or are self-employed and file their taxes later in the year are not excused from the verification process. It is recommended that you file your federal income tax return as soon as possible if you are selected for verification, since no aid or estimates of aid will be offered until the verification process is completed. For additional information please review the Verification page under the Policy and Procedures section.

For additional information, please visit the specific link that applies to your student status in the submenu under Applying for Aid.




Priority Processing FAFSA Deadline

Starting in:




Prospective Undergraduate February 15 September 15

Early Action &
Early Decision Applicants

December 1  
Current Undergraduate April 15  
Prospective Graduate March 15 November 1
Current Graduate March 15  

The priority deadline is the date by which you should have filed your FAFSA. This date gives a reasonable amount of time for the student/parent to correct any errors, resolve federal database mismatches and provide any additional documentation requests from the Department of Education and Catholic University. This date also gives Catholic University the time required to review and complete any federal or institutional verification.

The priority deadline is most important for prospective undergraduate students since these students need their complete financial aid package to make a final decision on what school they will be attending. Filing your FAFSA by the priority deadline and promptly responding to any requests for additional documentation will result in the student receiving their Financial Aid Notification letter on the earliest date.


Late Processing FAFSA Deadline

Starting in

Fall Spring
Prospective Undergraduate April 1 December 1
Current Undergraduate June 1 April 15
All Graduate Contact your academic department

Applications received after the late deadline are processed on a rolling basis. Because we work with limited funds in the campus-based federal and university need-based programs, aid from these programs are awarded on a funds available basis. Aid offers made after the late deadline may contain only direct aid, such as Pell Grants (for exceptionally needy students who qualify) and loans from the Federal Direct Loan programs.


Graduate Students

All graduate university scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships are awarded by the respective academic departments. These awards are not administered by the Office of Student Financial Assistance or the Office of Admissions. Therefore, graduate students should contact their respective academic departments concerning deadlines and application procedures. The Office of Student Financial Asssitance only processes graduate students for federal loan eligibility, therefore graduate students are processed on a rolling basis as FAFSA applications are received, until our Federal Loan FAFSA Processing Deadline. All departmental awards must be coordinated with any federal or commercial loans. Reduction of loan amounts may result if departmental awards are received after loan eligibility is determined.


Federal Loan FAFSA Processing Deadline

Attending in

Fall Spring
All Students November 10 April 10

In order for the Office of Student Financial Assistance to process you for your federal loan eligibility for the fall term, we must receive your completed, valid FAFSA results from the U.S. Department of Education by November 10 of that term. If you are applying for federal loans for the full academic year (fall and spring) or for the spring term only, we must receive your completed valid FAFSA results from the U.S. Department of Education by April 10 of the spring term.


Summer Loans

In order for the Office of Student Financial Assistance to process you for your federal loan eligibility for the summer term, we must receive your completed valid FAFSA results from the U.S. Department of Education three weeks before the end of the last summer session for which you are registered.


Financial Aid Notification Letters Mailing Dates (Estimated)

Starting in

Fall Spring
Prospective Undergraduate March 1 November 15

Early Action &
Early Decision Applicants

February 1  
Current Undergraduate June 15  
Prospective Graduate April 15 November 15
Current Graduate June 15  

Financial Aid Notification letters go out on a rolling basis (usually twice a week) after the mailing dates listed above.